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Elevating Your Investment Experience with 55ip

Avid Wealth Partners

Jan 25, 2024

Enhanced investment platform offered exclusively to the clients of Avid Wealth Partners.

At Avid Wealth Partners, our commitment to delivering top-tier wealth management services is unwavering. We understand that our clients value personalized and innovative wealth management and we are thrilled to be enhancing our investment platform with 55ip's cutting-edge capabilities and tax-smart technology.

Here's what this means for you:

#1: Enhanced Strategy Optimization

Our investment team will utilize 55ip's tools to design even more robust, personalized strategies tailored to your financial goals.


#2: Tax-Smart Investing

55ip's ActiveTax Technology enables tax-efficient transitions, management, and reporting to boost after-tax returns. On average, firms using 55ip save clients 2.82% on taxes.*

#3: More Personalized Service

With 55ip streamlining our operations, we will have more time to understand your unique needs and provide customized advice.

#4: Efficient Behind-the-Scenes Management

55ip's platform allows our team to operate more efficiently so your portfolio receives our full attention.

Our ultimate goal remains the same - to create a diversified, risk-adjusted portfolio aligned with your objectives. 55ip enhances our ability to accomplish this in a tax-smart way. We are committed to maximizing your after-tax returns while minimizing taxes owed.

Check out a sample Client Tax Savings Report below or learn the massive value of Tax-Smart Investing!

Please let us know if you have any questions about how this exciting new platform benefits you!

*Based on independent analysis of ~$200B in AUM across multiple client segments. Actual results may vary.

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