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Exciting News

Eric Kala, Russell Stehling and Barret Kolle 

Transition to be an Independent Wealth Management Firm


Our teams are delighted to announce that we have transitioned to be an independent wealth management firm, Avid Wealth Partners (AWP) with registered investment advisor, GWM Advisors, LLC (Goss Advisors). We made this move to put you in a stronger and more flexible position to achieve your financial goals.

As an independent firm, we are no longer limited to a specific financial services provider and now have a broader range of investment options at our disposal. These new resources have dramatically increased our ability to design and implement customized financial strategies that will help you meet your specific goals. Our shift has enhanced our ability to fulfill your needs and to provide you with the exceptional service you require and deserve. AWP’s highest priority is to provide you, our client, with the best value in the context of transparency.

As always, we strive to help you keep your life in balance. Your life is complex, with varied responsibilities and interests pulling you in many directions and competing for your time. We are here for you with an integrated, stress-free approach to help you focus on your current and future goals related to financial planning, investments, retirement and wealth management. Most importantly, we hope to continue to quarterback all your financial decisions to maximize the only non-renewable resource (your time).

Warm regards,

The Avid Wealth Team

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