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Elevating Your Investment Experience with 55ip 

Enhanced investment platform offered exclusively to the clients of Avid Wealth Partners.
At Avid Wealth Partners, our commitment to delivering top-tier wealth management services is unwavering. We understand that our clients value personalized and innovative wealth management and we are thrilled to be enhancing our investment platform with 55ip's cutting-edge capabilities and tax-smart technology.

Here is how the 55ip platform enhances what we already do for our clients:


Streamlined Operations

Our investment team operates more efficiently, ensuring client portfolios receive the attention they deserves.


Tailored Advising

More time for personalized consultations and strategy development, ensuring your unique needs are met.


Enhanced Strategy Optimization

Behind the scenes, our investment team uses 55ip to optimize even more robust strategies to secure your financial future.


ActiveTax Technology®


Tax smart investment strategy engine improves efficiency and effectiveness of tax transitions, management and reporting. 

Maximizing Success

As you know, markets are unpredictable. To maximize success, we work with our clients to create an investment portfolio that aligns with their financial objectives, appropriately diversified, and reflective of their personal risk tolerance. For both taxable and nontaxable accounts, our team will use 55ip’s “investment strategy engine” to design cost-efficient, tailored portfolios that support these key objectives.
55ip is particularly powerful for clients that are tax sensitive. With 55ip’s ActiveTax® Technology, we’ll be able to enhance after-tax returns in taxable accounts through a systematic approach to “tax-loss harvesting.” On average, firms using 55ip has saved their clients 2.82% on taxes.* This tax-smart trading approach allows us to better optimize after-tax returns and comes at no additional cost to you.

Check out a sample client quarterly tax savings report or learn the massive value of tax smart investing!

"We are excited to offer these enhanced capabilities and take our client's investment journey to the next level."

Eric Kala, CEO & Private Wealth Advisor

About 55ip
55ip is a financial technology company whose purpose is to break down barriers to financial progress. 55ip is the marketing name used by 55 Institutional Partners, LLC, an investment technology developer, and for investment advisory services provided by 55I, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. 55ip is a wholly owned subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, the asset management business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. For more information, please visit

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